April 08, 2021

Sprint / Board view

Keeping track of everything that is happening on a project is a herculean task. Things change on daily basis and there is only so much someone can keep track of.

Our mission with JadeALM is creating novel ways and approaches to help teams create amazing software solutions reliably.

That’s why we’ve extended our Kanban board with a special ‘Sprint Mode’ that gives you the ability to create and manage sprints and easily plan and track your sprint progress directly on the Kanban board.

Sprint view gives you access to a Backlog of items where you can simply drag-and-drop items from the Backlog directly to a sprint and vice-versa.

Toggling back to the ‘Board view’ you have the full overview of your whole project.

This way you don’t have to go through an elaborate process of creating and managing sprint items on several places, everything is exactly were you need it to be.

Editor breadcrumbs

As your project grows so does your Document. Since the Document is the heart of JadeALM our continuing mission is making it as easy for you to find your way around the content.

To help you find your bearings we have created a special Breadcrumbs element that sits at the top of the Document and shows you how ‘deep’ you are within a certain portion of the content.

You can use breadcrumbs to jump back to higher sections of the document and it’s a fantastic visual compass to know where you are in the scope of your document.

Minor changes

  • Editor Slash command improvements