April 29, 2021

Real time document collaboration

Being able to work collaboratively is one of the cornerstones of modern high performing teams.

Creating a seamless collaborative content editing experience is one of the hardest challenges in robust software application.

Combine that with the power-features we add to the content in JadeALM (Items sync, WBS, Gantt) making sure everyone can work on a piece of content is a huge technical challenge.

Knowing all that we’ve set out on a path to completely rewrite our existing content sync mechanism. We’ve tried it on larger scale and the outcomes were not at the level we expected.

For the past month and a half we’ve worked tirelessly to introduce this new mechanism that’s more robust and opens the doors for some interesting applications we could not have done in our previous instance.

Feature flagging

Being able to roll out features safely and incrementally is one of the best ways to gradually improve the overall JadeALM offering for all of our customers.

Our most active users, beta participants and in the future users who want to opt-in will have the option of using JadeALM latest and greated features and we are going to be working closely with them, getting feedback and improving JadeALM for everyone.

This will give you the power to collaborate with us on the roadmap and priorities that make JadeALM better day by day.