March 05, 2021

This time it’s all about the Images! We’ve added new support for images handling in the Jade Editor.

Paste image to Editor

Copy and paste images directly to the editor. No searching, dragging or dropping.

Resize images

We make some modifications to the images you upload so they are shown better formatted to the rest of your content.
Sometimes you want to make some modifications to the image size so now you can resize images directly in the editor.

Expand image to full size

Showing images in full size does not make sense in the document, expecially if the image is very large and very detailed.
That’s why we give you the option to see the image in original size for that special cases, because sometimes, Devil’s in the details.

Restricted project access

Users can only access projects they are specifically invited to. Previously it was possible to share the link to the project and give additional users access to the project but we’re opting for better security over convenience in this case.

Minor improvements

  • Bug and Adhoc Issue data selection improvements