March 16, 2021

Add user permissions handling

Not everyone should be able to do everything!
With this change we are allowing you to restrict access and management for several key parts of the Jade workspace.

Permissions are initially set when adding users to the project and they can be changed later in the invitation modal.

Add Assignee image and Priority to Kanban cards

Quickly find out who is doing what and what are the most important issues and their status.
Kanban cards now show the Assignee avatar and the Priority color directly on the card.

Clear metadata from the Item

What is done, can now also be undone! You can clear any data previously set on the item.

Edit Adhoc and Bug item descriptions

Adhoc and Bug items are special types of Item that are not connected to the Editor content. Previously, once created, the description of these items could not be changed.

It’s now possible to change both the title and the description of any Adhoc or Bug item type.

Minor changes

  • Header Avatar shows logged in user image
  • Fix predefined status editing
  • Fix setting Start date after Due date