May 13, 2021

Table element

Table element in Document editor

We are extending improving our Document editor with new features and ways to structure content.
We have now added one of the most requested missing elements to the Document, a way to easily create Tables!

Tables are one of those simple looking but tricky to pull-off right content structures.
The intial version of the Table in the Jade Document gives you a basic way of structuring your content in a Table.

Discussion improvements

Discussions are a way to group your conversations in themathic segments based on what you want to talk about. When working on JadeALM we usually have a ‘Technical’ discussion where we talk about implementation details, ‘UI’ discussion where we talk about everything visually related to the items etc.

You are free to create as many Discussions as you want for any Item in your project. This way you give semantics to a group of comments and keep the convesation to the point.

New changes improve the look and feel of Discussions segment in Item Details and make it easier to follow along what has been talked about.