Change Log

May 13, 2021

Table element in Document editor

We are extending improving our Document editor with new features and ways to structure content.
We have now added one of the most requested missing elements to the Document, a way to easily create Tables!

Tables are one of those simple looking but tricky to pull-off right content structures.
The intial version of the Table in the Jade Document gives you a basic way of structuring your content in a Table.

Discussion improvements

Discussions are a way to group your conversations in themathic segments based on what you want to talk about. When working on JadeALM we usually have a ‘Technical’ discussion where we talk about implementation details, ‘UI’ discussion where we talk about everything visually related to the items etc.

You are free to create as many Discussions as you want for any Item in your project. This way you give semantics to a group of comments and keep the convesation to the point.

New changes improve the look and feel of Discussions segment in Item Details and make it easier to follow along what has been talked about.

April 29, 2021

Real time document collaboration

Being able to work collaboratively is one of the cornerstones of modern high performing teams.

Creating a seamless collaborative content editing experience is one of the hardest challenges in robust software application.

Combine that with the power-features we add to the content in JadeALM (Items sync, WBS, Gantt) making sure everyone can work on a piece of content is a huge technical challenge.

Knowing all that we’ve set out on a path to completely rewrite our existing content sync mechanism. We’ve tried it on larger scale and the outcomes were not at the level we expected.

For the past month and a half we’ve worked tirelessly to introduce this new mechanism that’s more robust and opens the doors for some interesting applications we could not have done in our previous instance.

Feature flagging

Being able to roll out features safely and incrementally is one of the best ways to gradually improve the overall JadeALM offering for all of our customers.

Our most active users, beta participants and in the future users who want to opt-in will have the option of using JadeALM latest and greated features and we are going to be working closely with them, getting feedback and improving JadeALM for everyone.

This will give you the power to collaborate with us on the roadmap and priorities that make JadeALM better day by day.

April 08, 2021

Sprint / Board view

Keeping track of everything that is happening on a project is a herculean task. Things change on daily basis and there is only so much someone can keep track of.

Our mission with JadeALM is creating novel ways and approaches to help teams create amazing software solutions reliably.

That’s why we’ve extended our Kanban board with a special ‘Sprint Mode’ that gives you the ability to create and manage sprints and easily plan and track your sprint progress directly on the Kanban board.

Sprint view gives you access to a Backlog of items where you can simply drag-and-drop items from the Backlog directly to a sprint and vice-versa.

Toggling back to the ‘Board view’ you have the full overview of your whole project.

This way you don’t have to go through an elaborate process of creating and managing sprint items on several places, everything is exactly were you need it to be.

Editor breadcrumbs

As your project grows so does your Document. Since the Document is the heart of JadeALM our continuing mission is making it as easy for you to find your way around the content.

To help you find your bearings we have created a special Breadcrumbs element that sits at the top of the Document and shows you how ‘deep’ you are within a certain portion of the content.

You can use breadcrumbs to jump back to higher sections of the document and it’s a fantastic visual compass to know where you are in the scope of your document.

Minor changes

  • Editor Slash command improvements
March 16, 2021

Add user permissions handling

Not everyone should be able to do everything!
With this change we are allowing you to restrict access and management for several key parts of the Jade workspace.

Permissions are initially set when adding users to the project and they can be changed later in the invitation modal.

Add Assignee image and Priority to Kanban cards

Quickly find out who is doing what and what are the most important issues and their status.
Kanban cards now show the Assignee avatar and the Priority color directly on the card.

Clear metadata from the Item

What is done, can now also be undone! You can clear any data previously set on the item.

Edit Adhoc and Bug item descriptions

Adhoc and Bug items are special types of Item that are not connected to the Editor content. Previously, once created, the description of these items could not be changed.

It’s now possible to change both the title and the description of any Adhoc or Bug item type.

Minor changes

  • Header Avatar shows logged in user image
  • Fix predefined status editing
  • Fix setting Start date after Due date
March 05, 2021

This time it’s all about the Images! We’ve added new support for images handling in the Jade Editor.

Paste image to Editor

Copy and paste images directly to the editor. No searching, dragging or dropping.

Resize images

We make some modifications to the images you upload so they are shown better formatted to the rest of your content.
Sometimes you want to make some modifications to the image size so now you can resize images directly in the editor.

Expand image to full size

Showing images in full size does not make sense in the document, expecially if the image is very large and very detailed.
That’s why we give you the option to see the image in original size for that special cases, because sometimes, Devil’s in the details.

Restricted project access

Users can only access projects they are specifically invited to. Previously it was possible to share the link to the project and give additional users access to the project but we’re opting for better security over convenience in this case.

Minor improvements

  • Bug and Adhoc Issue data selection improvements