Creating software is difficult!

We’ve been there. After hundreds of projects in teams large and small, we’ve run into every pitfall possible. Wrong implementations, missed deadlines, last-minute production changes, dead deploys, angry customers, money lost… Think of a scenario, we’ve been there!

When building software this is bound to happen. The sad state of things is that we’ve grown so accustomed to them we sometimes fail to even try to fix them. If they are bound to happen, why bother?

We’ve learned to live with them. After trying pretty much every tool and process out there we were still not satisfied with the results. It could be just us! But seeing that others feel our pain we set out to re-think the way we do things and the tools we use.

Tools don’t work well together

Software products are ever-changing. The pace of progress in IT makes it impossible not to adapt technically and functionally. The biggest problem we’ve noticed, and the reason why many software projects fail, is the ability to effortlessly and reliably communicate WHAT needs to be done and by whom.

Another key element is preserving that knowledge and have it easily accessible – forever.

More often than not, key people are not in the loop when it comes to decisions and there is a huge friction and the cost of Rework involved when things are not done correctly. The most prevalent tools currently used to convey this information are some form of Issue tracking, email, and instant messaging.

It becomes apparent very quickly that these tools are not suited to organize multidisciplinary software teams and two important pillars remain marginalized, Requirements management and Quality control.

Building software is more than a list of Issues that need to be done in order!

Pillars of JadeALM

That is exactly what JadeALM wants to change. We are creating a tool that revolves around 3 integrated pillars:

  • Requirements management and audit
  • Product roadmapping
  • Quality control

They are equally important, but we are trying to put most emphasis on Requirements management and serve as a Single Source of Truth for your project. To Jade, Requirements documentation is more than what needs to be done, it is a Data Source from which we create all other segments of the application and we keep everyting in sync.

This means you have to make sure to keep your relevant project information updated only in one place and we take care of the rest. We’ve been told Jade is a love child between Notion and JIRA, and’re running with that.

A little secret!

Bottom line is, we are giving you the tools enterprises have been using for decades to create some of the most robust software solutions, but now simplified to the point of just writing a document and packaged in an interface that won’t make you cringe every time you use it.

Single source of truth for your project! You’ll thank us later.

All of this can be a little owerwhelming at first, so don’t be afraid to reach out!