Let JadeALM’s feature tracking

possibilities be your strengths

Feature planning and feature tracking give you the bigger picture. With JadeALM, you can

finally plan the whole feature without losing the context on the way.

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No more wondering if the issue tracking is sufficient




Ensure simple hierarchy and dependency management

Some features are simple and others aren’t. No matter their complexity, JadeALM helps you to see the forest from the tree by giving you a clear hierarchy. The hierarchy that is easy to create follows all project views and documentation.


Use feature and section history tracking

Plan and make reasonable decisions with a clear audit trace of how the feature evolves. JadeALM enables you not to just track the feature, but to also have an overview of all feature components’ history. JadeALM is not only a documentation hub, it offers a powerful historical trace of how every part of the project evolved.


Automate sync of requirements and tasks

With feature requirements constantly changing it becomes almost impossible to keep everything and everyone up to date with the latest changes. Or at least it was! JadeALM automatically updates all Tasks with any changes in Requirements relevant to that Task!


Go beyond assigning tasks

Assigning tasks is helpful, but tools that enable just that are not developer-friendly. JadeALM lets you write requirements directly in the Documentation editor, attach files, share mockups, add comments, and even add blocks of code. A whole host of Markdown support lets you use a slash ( / ) to write commands faster and easier.

Keep all disciplines on the same page

Go from just tracking tasks and user stories to tracking an entire feature.

Get meaningful information on how your feature is progressing across multiple teams.

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  Up to 3 members on one project
  Requirements management
  Project decomposition
  Roadmap planning
  Task management

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49€ / project / per month

  Unlimited team members
  Requirements management
  Project decomposition
  Roadmap planning
  Task management

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