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JadeALM is the only Kanban Board online that enables you a single source of truth and synchronization of kanban and documentation editor.

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Why JadeALMs kanban board takes you beyond tracking the tasks?


Use advanced filters to find tasks

Find the needed items with zero struggle using advanced filters. Search tasks on kanban board by the assignee, sprints and task name. Access and reach everything you need to track the route of your progress easily.


Focus on continuous delivery

Make your deployments painless, in time, and easy to track. Functional kanban board helps you to set low-risk due dates and perform in time, on-demand. Include whole features, configuration changes, and bug fixes into the same big picture. Don’t miss any changes and adjust to the new setting without delays.

Visually track the whole development process

Most of the kanban software offers you the board with the column of work progress. That seems helpful, but in bigger projects, it causes a mess of information.

JadeALMs kanban board is synchronized with WBS and the document editor. There is no need for manual updates and you can check the progress easily with other views. Together with powerful development functionalities, developers can manage tasks with maximum visibility and minimum effort.

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  Unlimited team members
  Requirements management
  Project decomposition
  Roadmap planning
  Task management

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