No Project Manager – No Problem

As project management becomes popular topic for both for non-project managers and project managers, we created a simple and intuitive guide for self managing agile software teams.


Get your No Project Manager – No Problem pdf guide and

have a list of action points for every next project.


Download the eBook and
get steps of how to:

πŸš€ Make a project charter

πŸš€ Break the project down into smaller tasks

πŸš€ Visualize work breakdown structure

πŸš€ Make sure your requirements are understandable

πŸš€ Keep documentation updated

πŸš€ Prevent the negative effect of scope creep with hierarchical requirements

πŸš€ And much more


This eBook will give you the essential guide on how project phases should look like for most of the projects so you can have clear steps for every project.

Make your projects flow easier with implementing few new steps!