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Notion is a great choice when you want to write down requirements for your project. But when you want to write and sync it with WBS and Gantt, Notion Alternative JadeALM makes it easier for you.

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Work Breakdown Structure

While Notion enables you to create your own WBS chart, JadeALM does it for you, automatically! Notion offers you to divide and organize a document by hierarchy by writing the structure by yourself. That means your work breakdown structure is in the document, and there is no WBS chart.


A better solution is the JadeALMs WBS chart that is automatically created while you are editing your document. Your document is synchronized with the WBS chart and all the other visualizations of the project. This feature enables you to see the hierarchy of the whole project, not just a document.


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Issue tracking

In Notion, there is no flow for issue tracking or bug tracking. Tickets in JadeALM are directly related to the Document Editor and automatically included in the WBS chart.


Moreover, the issue is also visible in your Gantt chart and you can have a picture of it in all parts of the project. As soon as you opet a bug, you instantly can tell where it belongs and what are requirements for it.

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