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Work Breakdown Structure

While ClickUp enables you to create your structure in the document, JadeALM does it for you, automatically! ClickUp offers you to divide and organize a document. To make a WBS, you will have to write a structure by yourself.


ClickUp alternative JadeALM does it all instead of you! The hierarchy is visible in the whole project, not just in a document.



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After some point, too much customization makes you spend more time on playing with project management tool than working. Too many options might distract from work.

ClickUp Alternative JadeALM offers enough customization for you to be comfortable, yet not to lose yourself on the way.


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Onboarding Process

Many ways of onboarding of ClickUp can cause a real pain. Complex design makes it hard to implement without streamlining the whole process.


Really simple and intuitive JadeALM features don’t require a long onboarding process. There are no distractions or long learning curve, just your clear tasks.


Number of features

ClickUp has a lot of features that are not used and ignored. You don’t have time to use all of the features out there, because you have tasks to do.


ClickUp Alternative JadeALM enables using the minimum of the features and get the maximum of the advantage. This simple approach saves your time and makes your progress faster.


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ClickUp vs JadeALM features

Compare some of the features software provide

ClickUp vs JadeALM

Comparison between softwares

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  Unlimited team members
  Requirements management
  Project decomposition
  Roadmap planning
  Task management

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